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What Problems Are We Facing?

  • Substantial growth of cancer.
  • Emotional and psychological distress related to cancer.
  • Financial burden due to cancer care.
  • A Growing Problem
  • A Growing Problem
  • Distress Casused by Cancer
  • Distress Caused by Cancer
  • Financial Burden from Cancer
  • Financial Burden from Cancer

Solution to These Problems...

Game Design

Tumorman is an adventure platformer game where you get to fight your way through various challenges, unlocking different armors, weapons, and power-ups along the way! This game also allows you to raise money while playing for charity organizations.

About Us

I’ve known Tina for over 3 years and whenever I look into her eyes, I see courage, strength, solidarity, and above all willingness to beat cancer. Tina is a preschool teacher and a mother of two, who was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to her lungs and liver. Although, she has performed extremely well with various treatments, her journey through cancer care came with several challenges. There were periods when she was under immense emotional stress and had to deal with financial issues while undergoing expensive cancer care. Luckily, she has a close-knit family and everyone including her friends and co-workers strive to support her in any way possible.

As an oncologist, I see many patients and families like that of Tina’s, who continue to battle cancer and also want to help the community fight this challenging problem. Moreover, I notice (on a regular basis) anyone touched by cancer continue to face several emotional, psychosocial, and financial challenges. In this century, with diverse technologies at our disposal, I strongly believe that we need innovative approaches to fight cancer and the challenges that it poses.

To start on a solution, I needed help. Therefore, I sought out Nandish and Jay. Nandish is a pharmacist by profession with extensive knowledge in management and finance. He has first-hand experience with hardships of cancer as his father passed away from colon cancer at a very young age. Jay has unique skills with his technical background and ability to implement robust solutions. With our core team in place we continue to seek suggestions and feedback from many cancer patients, cancer survivors, cancer care providers, family members, and technical experts to further refine the idea. Together we plan on making the idea of battling cancer a reality.

Let’s play for purpose,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tumorman's purpose?

Our mission is to support everyone affected by cancer. We plan on doing this by:

  • Creating an entertainment platform
  • Educating with knowledge about cancer
  • Equipping with an ability to support the community, right from users' couch
Our vision is to use innovative strategies to tackle challenging problems faced by cancer community.

Who is Tumorman?

In this world where evil cancer is creating havoc, a superhero is born to defeat it for once and for all. Stay tuned to hear more…

Why do we need Tumorman?

Cancer community has been facing challenges with constant increase in rate of people affected by cancer. This has lead to increased emotional and psychosocial stress along with financial burden on patients and caregivers. Tumorman helps fight against this horrible disease by supporting during tough times via an intuitive mobile game. The game is set inside various body organs were players could battle cancer. Goal is to help increase players’ self-efficacy and boost positive emotions.

How can the game help me better learn about cancer?

Individuals well educated about various aspects of cancer care (prevention, treatment, and survivorship) are empowered to make better decisions and to help improve treatment outcomes. With this game, players will be able to learn about latest information pertaining to various cancers. Gaming platform will enable us to provide information in fun and engaging manner for all players, from kids to adults.

How can the game financially help those affected by cancer?

We strong believe in financially assisting anyone touched by cancer. In game, players will be able to collect Red Blood Cells (RBC) – a vital need for your body. These collected RBCs could be used as a virtual currency, which players may donate to a charity of their choice. Yes! You are correct, hence the tagline Play for Purpose. You will make a difference right from your couch!

How can I join Tumorman's fight against cancer?

Easy! Join Tumorman on any one of these social media campaigns – Facebook and Twitter. If you want to be further involved please shoot us a message.

Questions? Ask Tumorman!